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Sea to Sky Car Wash has a multitude of facilities to offer:

1 PDQ Touchless Automatic Car Wash – Open 24 Hours

4 Self Serve Bays – Open 24 hours

3 Shampoo Spot Remover Turbo Suction Vacuums – Never wait in line!

1 Classic Vacuum

In-Bay Credit Cards Acceptance

Wall Mounted Bike Racks

Naked Lunch Express for great coffee and sandwiches


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Isn't it awesome?

What is a FUN-Raiser Sunday?
How does my non-profit group benefit?

Through the FUN-Raiser Sunday program, Sea to Sky Car Wash helps local non-profit groups to raise money for their organizations.

To participate in a FUN-Raiser, your group must

  • sell at least $400 in Car Wash Gift Cards before the date of your FUN-Raiser
  • make fun and colorful signs to promote your group during the car wash
  • have a minimum of 10 enthusiastic volunteers stand in front of Sea to Sky Car Wash and at the Hwy 99/Industrial Way intersection during the FUN-Raiser with your signs and encourage cars to come in.

You just have to show up and be enthusiastic – and you can get as crazy as you want!

The more positive attention your group gets, the more cars drive in, and the more money you will receive. The week after your FUN-Raiser, we’ll mail you a check for 15% of the ENTIRE day’s sales. If you sell more Car Wash Gift Cards ahead of time, you can earn an even higher percentage of the day’s total sales.

Traditional fundraisers generally offer groups only a percentage of the sales that the group personally brought in or a percentage of outside orders that the group personally sold. FUN-Raiser Sundays are more lucrative because your group receives credit for all the Gift Cards sold, all the cars you bring in, PLUS all the regular customers who show up that day.

Gift Cards come in $25, $30, $40, $50, $100. Your profit looks like this:

Don’t forget, you make this commission plus 15% or more of the ENTIRE day’s sales.

Why does Sea to Sky Car Wash offer FUN-Raiser Sunday’s?

We want to help local groups! We know many have been affected by financial cutbacks, and some are just struggling to survive. We know that non-profit groups help the community, so we want to help you.

We also know how difficult and time consuming it can be to organize a car wash fundraiser. If you were to organize one on your own you would need to:

– Find a location
– Advertise
– Make the signs
– Be solely responsible for bringing in customers
– Purchase and bring all the supplies
– Wash, Vacuum and dry all the cars yourselves

After all that, you would earn less than you would with a Sea to Sky Car Wash hosted FUN-Raiser event. Traditional car wash fundraisers average only $200 for the day. You can make more money through a FUN-Raiser Sunday and never have to wash a single car!

General Information about participating in a FUN-Raiser Sunday at Sea to Sky Car Wash

Your event will go 9am to 4pm. Participants must arrive 10 minutes early to set up. Bring your already made signs.

Your group must have a minimum of 10 energetic actively participating people on location (either at the car wash or at the Hwy 99/Industrial Way
intersection) with lots of enthusiasm. We recommend organizing shifts (2 – 3hours) so volunteers don’t get too tired.

Your group must sell in advance at least $400 in Car Wash Gift Cards. You will turn in the completed tally envelope with cash or checks inside the day
before your event.

Promote! Promote! Promote! Your organization is responsible for bringing in as many cars as you can on your FUN-Raiser Sunday. Posters, flyers,
newsletters, emails, facebook, twitter, radio, newspaper and phone are all great ways to increase your FUN-Raiser total.

You must provide proof of insurance.

Rain cancels the event. We will reschedule you.

All checks are mailed out the Friday following your event.

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